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The Council of Dei

Spreading the crazy since 2003

The Council Of Dei
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The Council of Dei formed on choir tour in July of 2003. We have the seven original members, and three that we've picked up since coming home. Unfortunately only three of us have LiveJournals. We'll attempt to keep new about the other members coming.
The Council is a non-profit organisation dedicated to fun stuff and being as far from serious as possible.
We aim to get the Council's Official Book, the Book of Dei, up online by the end of the year. As this will mean lots of tedious typing and editing for jk_rockin, it's a fairly vain hope.
If you'd like to join the dubious ranks of the Council, well, you can't. But you can join the Allies of The Council. Go ahead, email us. We'll sign you up.

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